Local Products and Services

  • Valves and Sanitary Ware

  • Lightweight blocks HEBLEX/ACC

  • Industrial coatings

    Epoxy, polyurethane, insulation, sealant and …

  • False ceiling

    Knauf, PVC, wood, aluminum, iGlass and …

  • False faced

    Steel, aluminum and …

  • Office Partitions

  • Designer and presenter of amphitheaters and conference

  • Wood for Facade and Floor

  • Grating

  • Electrical installation

    Lighting, wires and cables, bus conductors, switches and sockets, electrical panels, etc.

  • Mechanical installations

    Types of installation pipes, valves and industrial fittings, pumps and …

  • Equipment for intelligent building management system (BMS) and its integration

  • Cooling and heating system equipment

    Air conditioner, exhaust fan, air conditioner, cooling tower, unit package, blue and air compression chillers, absorption chillers, fan coil, air condenser, coil, heater unit and …

  • Data center equipment

  • Network and telecommunication equipment

  • Elevator, Escalator and Climber

  • Fire alarm and extinguishing equipment

  • Cctv system, Intercom and Traffic control

  • All kinds of wooden and fireproof doors

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