Rakgroup has expanded its activities since 2004 in the field of consulting, designing and equipping hotel, power plant, airport, office, metro, conference and amphitheater theatrical and hospital projects.



Office space

Data Center





Years of experience:

Working with the most prestigious technical and executive complexes in the country at the highest levels of national projects is one of the honors of the Rahdaran Abi Khavar kish Group. We have been able to provide the best to the employer so that we are always the best name in the finning industry.


Due to the cooperation with the most reputable manufacturers in the world, the products offered by us always have the highest global standards. Each project, according to its conditions and requirements, can have the world’s top products through consultation with rock experts

Competitive prices:

Good long term cooperation with suppliers and professional business system has enabled us to claim the most appropriate prices along with the highest quality.

Completed projects

Customers and colleagues

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